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It was on this night, around this time my Lil’ homie Jonathan Lim was murdered in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. He was painting a spot that I picked for the two of us the night before, neglecting the following night would be St. Patty’s day… I choose to go out to a party that night, Tie refused to join me and forsake his primary passion in life…To conquer the world with his heart. Girls, Alchohol, drugs, Dj’s and the rest of that bullshit held no appeal to the 18 year old champion. He went alone and died that night, shot in the back of the head while running away down a flight of stairs. His murderer was the Coward William Porter. William was a 40-something, 6ft. plus, 200 pound man who was in no way threatened by the frail-framed Jonathan who stood 5-5 and weighed about a 120 soaking wet… And William was no stranger to the neighborhood, he had already shot 2 people there.

-Fuck you William, may you rot you cowardly mother fucker and die a slow agonizing death.


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  1. Boats Says:
    You were and still are a king.

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